How to choose the right medal holder: the material

July 5, 2023

Choosing the right medal holder may seem easy, but there are many details to consider. Not only the size and the number of medals that can be hung on the hanger but even more important is the material of the medal holder, whether it’s to immortalize your athletic achievements or as a gift for the athletes in your life.

In this case, choosing the right material affects the durability of the medal hanger, resistance to drops or bumps, and visibility of scratches or other marks. The most common materials are:

● Acrylic
● Wooden medal holder
● Steel

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, all details that should not be underestimated. Let’s see what they are and how to make the right choice for your needs.

The acrylic medal display rack

Acrylic is a synthetic fiber, a material similar to plastic. And this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

All the pros of this type of wall medal holder:

● It is an inexpensive material, ideal for those on a tight budget.
● Acrylic is durable, especially to scratches.
● Comes in all colores so it’s also a nice gift for children’s bedrooms.
● Low maintenance, maybe just a little dust to clean.


● It is a plastic form, so it cannot be recycled.
● It cannot be recycled, so this medal display is not sustainable.
● The production process is not sustainable either.
● They attract electrostatic charges and dust.

Therefore, this type of medal holder material is ideal for those on a tight budget, but not for holding the weight of many medals- preferably gold ones.

The wooden medal holder

The sports medal display definitely has a vintage appeal. However, it is not always the right gift for your friends and family who love sports such as running or triathlon,… Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this material.

Why choose wood:

● It is a natural material, so it is easier to recycle.
● Wood is warm and charming, so it fits any style of room and decorations.
● Scratches are less noticeable than other materials.
● It has a longer lifespan than acrylic.

Disadvantages of a wooden medal hanger:

● The lighter and thinner the medal hanger, the better. However wood is not a strong material when thin and it breaks more easily also during shipping to you.
● If it breaks, it increases costs for both you and the environment.
● It does not always hold the weight of many medals.
● Wood is flammable and water (or moisture) stains are more noticeable.

Before making this choice, it is important to note that most of these wooden medal displays (even some Ikea medal holders) are made of lightweight plywood. This type of wall-mounted medal holder due to the light color does not stand out, especially on light-colored walls (check the photo below).

The steel sports medal display hanger

Unlike most Amazon medal holders that are made of acrylic or wood, our displays are made of steel. Why? Because it is the best material for this product.

Benefits for athletes:

● When it comes to strength, there is nothing better than steel.
● All production waste can be recycled.
● The classic anthracite color of this material is a great contrast to walls, even white ones. In short, it is impossible to miss.
● Sturdy, since it is resistant to water, fire and falls.


● Steel is the heaviest of these three materials.
● Given the weight, the cost of delivery is usually higher.

In short, steel is the ideal material for your medal stand, whether it is for you or for someone you love. That’s why you’ll find only this kind of medal display in our catalog, which is stylish, durable, and more sustainable than acrylic. It’s time to find your next medal hanger personalized with your name and sport just for you. What are you waiting for? Start personalizing your medal hanger now!

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